Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Dark Space series is coming to audio! Plus, have a free short story!

For anyone who loves some snarky Brady and some patient-as-a-saint Cam, I'm delighted to announce that the Dark Space series is coming to audio! 

You can preorder the first book already, here: Audible

It's out on the 29th! 

And I'm sure you've noticed that cover Brady has had a it of a face lift. This is because, unfortunately, the model for original Brady is no longer available for covers. But don't worry, he'll be staying on the book covers! 

I've also got a tiny freebie for everyone today. New Year's Day was written for the When the Smoke Clears anthology which raised money for firefighters and wildlife following the devastating Australian bushfires. 

And now you can get it for free! 

Download the PDF here. 

Download the mobi here. 

Download the epub here. 

And while I'm remembering in awkward promo mode, have you joined my Facebook readers group Lisa Henry's Hangout yet? This month I'm giving away a signed paperback of your choice, and some Fabula storytelling cards. Also, you can cast your vote there for which characters I have to write a short story about when I hit 250 members, and that short story will be exclusive to the group! So far Nick and Jai from Adulting 101 are in the lead! 


Marsha said...

I am sooooooooo excited!!!

Lisa said...

Thanks, Marsha! I hope you enjoy it!

Poonster said...

Just wanted to drop a line to say … I was cruising on Amazon when the cover of dark space caught my eye and I fell in love with the book. Loved the concept. Loved Brady, aspire to being a Cameron. Went and bought a whole bunch more of your back catalogue... such as Tribute... stayed up till 3:30am reading it. Was pushed so far out of my comfort zone... but stayed because you write so well. I always have to take a pause after reading one of your books as they resonate do deeply. I rationed out the other two Dark Space books and shared the polite bits one suppertime with my kids and my 8 year old rushed off to his room to draw Kai-ren and the hive ship. If you want some fanart (bad) let me know.

There is so much I love about your writing but one of the things is how you include such a strong sense of Australian place to your work.

I know for sure one of my best memories of the Coronacation will be discovering your work.
Take care.

Lisa said...

I would LOVE some bad fan art! That is so wonderful!