Thursday, March 18, 2021

March Round Up!

Wow, it has been way too long since I wrote a blog post, hasn't it? So let's get caught up! 

I have a Facebook Group now that I keep forgetting to tell people about. You can find it at Lisa Henry's Hangout. We've got a good group over there, and we do fairly regular competitions and giveaways. Also, if you join the group, you can check out a bunch of exclusive free reads! 

And now for some book stuff! 

The Family Kitchen Box Set is now available in KU, so if you've been waiting to read Family Recipe and Recipe for Two, you can get them both together now! 

You can find it here on Amazon: Family Kitchen Box Set. 

Meanwhile, since I forgot to announce it here when it happened, the third and final book in the Adventures in Aguillon series is out: 

You can find Socially Orcward here on Amazon

And the first two books in the series, Red Heir and Elf Defence, are both out in audio, read by the amazing Nick J. Russo! They're available on all audio platforms, but I've included the Audible links here. 

And Socially Orcward will be coming to audio very soon! 

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