Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Writers don't get days off. Seriously. 

But don't take this as a cry for help or a cheap ploy for sympathy, because I wouldn't have it any other way. Because everything -- EVERYTHING -- is grist for the mill. Or chaff in the wind. Or something. 

Anyway, I'm about to head off for three weeks in Victoria. Why the rest of the family has chosen winter as the season to meet up there, I have no idea. Because it's going to be cold. 

Fucking cold. 

And as someone who hasn't done cold in a long time, I'm alternating between "Oh, it won't be that bad" and "God help me, I'm going to die." 

But of everything we're doing in the next three weeks, here's what I'm looking forward to the most: 

Sovereign Hill. And no, not for the old-timey sepia photographs I'm sure I'll be forced into, but for the Gold Museum. Seriously, because I'm working on a historical at the moment that could really use a bit more research in that direction. Okay, so my story is set twenty years after the heyday of Sovereign Hill, and in Wyoming, but you can bet I'll learn something important about gold mining in any case. And if they've got a butcher's shop, even better. 

Note to self: stop giving your characters jobs you know nothing about just because "Oh, it surely can't be that complicated." 

A holiday? Hell no, this is an extensive research trip with some shopping, sightseeing and probably frostbite thrown in. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My LHNB story is out: Falling Away

My Love Has No Boundaries story is here! 

You can find Falling Away over at Goodreads (you must be a member of the MM Romance Group), or over on the MM Romance Group site, where it will soon be available to download. 

Here is another look at my picture prompt because...hello! 

Why yes, I will tie you up and do nasty things to you, since you begged so nicely. 

And you should all get onboard at the MM Romance site, since all these stories are FREE! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My gay marriage themed weekend

It started on Friday night when I thought I'd read a chapter or two of J.A. Rock's The Brat-tastic Jayk Parker, the sequel to the hilarious Wacky Wednesday, during which Jayk and Amon tie the knot. You know, just a chapter or two. Famous last words. Hours later, cursing myself for being stupid enough to start it when I needed to be up early in the morning, I finally got to sleep. 

My favourite quote: 

"That's us. Getting gay married tomorrow." 
"We just call it getting married." 

You must stop reading this now, I thought to myself. You're being the celebrant at a gay wedding tomorrow! I mean, just a wedding. 

So, I'm not actually a celebrant, but same sex marriage isn't yet legal in Australia. So while a part of me would have been happier in the audience while someone official did the job, I was absolutely honoured to be asked to do it. 

Honoured, and also terrified. 

But it was a wonderful day, and a beautiful beachside location. And the good news is I didn't screw up any of my lines. And, afterwards, a woman I hadn't met before came up to me. 

"Are you a celebrant?" she asked. 
"No," I said. "I'm not qualified or anything, because it's not a legal wedding." 
"You did a really good job," she said. 
"Oh, thanks!" 
"What do you charge?" 

So, there you have it. I might be doing this again for another lovely same-sex couple later in the year. Port Douglas, here I come! 

BTW, Dina, I charge nothing but alcohol and finger food. 

Other highlights included being outed as a writer of gay erotica during the speeches. "Well," said one of the brides, "when we needed someone to ask to be the celebrant at our wedding, who better than someone who writes gay erotica?" 

Fair point, I guess, although the boy/boy thing probably doesn't push their buttons at all. Except for one unnamed guest who admitted that guys getting it on together were hot, and erect penises were aesthetically pleasing, and she liked looking at them as long as she didn't have have them anywhere near her. 

The quote of the night was from one of the blokes there who said, "You know, that was really confusing. When they kissed, I didn't know whether to be happy or get an erection." 

In the end, I think he was happy to have an erection. Aren't all guys? 

But the quote of the morning after was this, from a very under-the-weather cousin of the bride: 

"I can't do shots!" 
"Baby, you had one." 
"I can't do shot!" 

I'm totally stealing that.