Thursday, September 12, 2019

Obligatory writing update post:

It has been so long since I actually did anything, let alone told anyone what I was doing, but here's the news! 
Firstly, I've asked Dreamspinner for the rights to Anhaga back. So I'm in the process of that happening, which means that there may be a period when it's unavailable, but I'm going to get it back out again as soon as I can. 
In the meantime, I hope to have a cosy mystery novella to share with you soon, called Dauntless. There's an island, two guys, an old shipwreck, a lost diary,a Labrador who bounces a lot, and (insert suspenseful music here) MURDER... Despite the murder, it's a cute little story, and I'm hoping to have it out some time very soon! 
And in news that I hope nobody was holding their breaths for, because you all would have asphyxiated by now, the third and final book in the Dark Space trilogy will be out soon! Fans of Brady will be pleased to know he's just as much an intractable shit as always The book is called Starlight, and I have it slated for a December release at this stage! I'm super excited to finally have some news to share on that front!