Sunday, April 28, 2013

Who wants more Brin?

For those of you who thought that Brin from The Good Boy needed his own story...good news! 

The Naughty Boy, a Spring Fling short featuring Brin, written with the fantastic JA Rock, will be available from Loose Id on May 2. 

And from May 2 until May 8, The Naughty Boy will be FREE! 
During the same period, The Good Boy will be reduced to $5.99 on the Loose Id site! 

After May 8, The Good Boy will be back to it's regular price, and The Naughty Boy will be $1.99. 

For people who can do maths, that's a saving! 

No Mr. Zimmerman in this instalment, unfortunately, but plenty of Brin and his brattitude and his bedazzling. 

In The Naughty Boy you'll learn a little bit more about Brin, read an appalling joke about Lassie, and finally understand what that beret is trying to tell you. Hint: it's NSFW. 

I'll update with the cover and the blurb as soon as I can! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Menages were my gateway drug...

Why m/m? Well, why not? 

When my co-workers first found out I was writing smut, sorry, erotica, the assumption was that it would be boy/girl stuff. And I let them keep that assumption for a while, until the sneaky bastards tracked down my books online. *Waves to cheeky bastards* 

Well, needless to say the list of co-workers wanting to read my books diminished quite quickly. Apparently the straight guys just really aren't too keen to read about what publishers and sellers refer to as "male/male sexual practices" and I refer to as "fucking awesome". On the plus side, I've picked up some very keen fans in the workplace, both guys and girls, who love a bit of boy-on-boy action. And who wouldn't? 

To honest, I haven't been writing m/m romance for long. 

The first romance I attempted was way back in high school. It was terrible. It was also m/f. It's probably still lying at the bottom of a cupboard somewhere. Hopefully not still at my mum's house, because we've had enough awkward talks, thanks. 

I don't remember the first m/m book I read. 

The first m/m scene I read was in a book with an m/m/f menage. And m/m/f menages are like a gateway drug. Pretty soon I was like, "You know what would make this scene even hotter? If they got that girl out of the middle." 

So I read one without the girl. Boom. I was hooked. 

I like reading and writing m/m because I am a fundamentally shallow person who can only do basic mathematics. Here is an example of my basic mathematics: 

1 x hot guy = hot. 
2 x hot guys = double hot. 

This doesn't work ad infinitum, of course. I tend to get lost on who is who and what's being put where once the number of participants get past about three. Which is why I've never written a threesome. Dammit, Jim, I'm a writer, not a choreographer!

So that's the why of why I chose m/m. 

If we want to get into why I'm such a fan of dub-con, non-con, more angst that you could throw at a French philosopher, emotional baggage that would sink the Bismarck, and just good old-fashioned fucked-up characters, I think we're gonna need a longer post. 

Much longer. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

NZ legalises Marriage Equality

Today is a great day for New Zealand.

And here is one of the best, and funniest, speeches in favour of marriage equality that you will ever see, courtesy of NZ Member of Parliament, Maurice Williamson.

We need more politicians like this in Australia.
Right now.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Holy Crap.

You know how sometimes you just take a good idea and run with it? 

Well, the good idea was JA Rock's, but we both ran with it. 

So, did we stop to catch our breath after The Good Boy? Hell, no, because of JA's new IDEA. A sparkly (well, actually quite dark) new idea, and suddenly we were Googling the penalties for involuntary manslaughter, drug addiction, night terrors, and self-bondage techniques. 

I may need one of these: 

JA and I wrote just over 100 000 words in less than a month. Eat your heart, people who are known for writing really fast. 

We're not done yet with Under, not by a long shot. 

But if you've been hankering for an m/m story where a cop and a convicted killer get together in a small South Carolina town, where old grudges and prejudices threaten to ruin whatever this thing is they've got going, and an MC who just might destroy himself before the town does it for him, then watch this space! 

Update 24 August 2013: Under is now called When All The World Sleeps, and will be coming in 2014 from Riptide! 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Making Up For My Non-Writing Week By Writing Like I'm Possessed

Well, I'm back from holidays, and I've spent most of my money, and look what I found in a bookshop in Brisbane: 

My apologies for the poor quality of the photo. I was giggling too hard to hold my phone steady. I swear that one day I won't be so surprised when my two worlds collide, but that day was not last Tuesday. I may have got so excited I punched my sister. 

I'm still more used to be a consumer in a bookshop, not a product. 

It's weird, because sometimes writing feels like it happens in a vacuum, that all those long hours in front of a computer don't impact on my everyday life of working my government job and paying my mortgage and occasionally getting the vacuum cleaner out. And even when a book comes out, well, that still feels like it's happening in that online world, so it's always a bit of a shock when I'm reminded that it's real

Okay, I'm going to put the crazy back in its box now. 

In other news, to make up for my week of non-writing while I was in Brisbane, J.A. Rock and I might have gone absolutely mad with our WIP, tentatively titled Under. Seriously, we started this thing three weeks ago (and had a week off while I was away) and it's already at 90 000 words. Yep, 90 000. Nanowrimo is our bitch! 

I've never written this fast in my life before. I think I have RSI. And some form of mental whiplash. 

And if that's not enough, I'm also co-writing with the awesome Heidi Belleau at the moment. It's an m/m (of course), dark post-apocalyptic novel set in Ireland. And it's great fun to write! 

Meanwhile, I'm pottering along on my Love Has No Boundaries story for the Goodreads M/M group. I mean, how could I refuse? Check out the picture and the prompt I snagged over at Goodreads.


Aaaannnd, last but certainly not least... want to know more about the fabulously bratty Brin from The Good Boy? The clothes? The brattitude? The inappropriate jokes about Lassie? It's all there in The Naughty Boy, and will be available for free at Loose Id on April 30 as part of their Spring Fling Promotion.


Update 24 August 2013: Under is now called When All The World Sleeps, and is coming in 2014 from Riptide!