Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bliss is here!

Yay! Bliss is here! Well, it is if you've pre-ordered through Riptide. Otherwise it'll be here on the 18th! 

They're always happy.
Rory James has worked hard all his life to become a citizen of the idyllic city-state of Beulah. Like every other kid born in the neighboring country of Tophet, he’s heard the stories: No crime or pollution. A house and food for everyone. It’s perfect, and Rory is finally getting a piece of it.
So is Tate Patterson. He’s from Tophet, too, but he’s not a legal immigrant; he snuck in as a thief. A city without crime seems like an easy score, until he crashes into Rory during a getaway and is arrested for assaulting a citizen. Instead of jail, Tate is enrolled in Beulah’s Rehabilitation through Restitution program. By living with and serving his victim for seven years, Tate will learn the human face of his crimes.
If it seems too good to be true, that’s because it is. Tate is fitted with a behavior-modifying chip that leaves him unable to disobey orders—any orders, no matter how dehumanizing. Worse, the chip prevents him from telling Rory, the one man in all of Beulah who might care about him, the truth: in a country without prisons, Tate is locked inside his own mind.
If you want to read the first few chapters of Bliss for free, go and check it out at Riptide

And don't forget you can join the blog tour and win an awesome prize! Heidi and I will be touring here: 

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Flash Fiction Addiction is here!

Well, actually it's on Facebook. 

JA Rock and I have stated a flash fiction group for anyone who is interested. We'll be posting a shared prompt at least every month, and hopefully get some fun and crazy-different responses. If you're into writing flash fiction, or just want a smile, come along and join in. You can find it here: Flash Fiction Addiction

Here's our first every picture prompt, and my story underneath. Enjoy! 


“Are you sure?” Peter growled, his canary yellow pants a million times sunnier than his current disposition.

“Dude, at least you got the hat.” Max said. “What the hell is up with this shirt? Do I tuck it in or not?”

“You’re just jealous because you couldn’t grow a moustache,” Alan said.

Max snorted. “Your moustaches are ridiculous.”

“Epic,” Alan muttered, smoothing out a crease on his high-fastening blue pants. “They’re epic.”

“All right,” the general said. “Settle down, please. Let’s not forget you’re scientists and you have a serious mission out there. I don’t need to remind you that time travel is inherently dangerous, and that’s without the risk of discovery. Good luck, and stay safe.”

Peter held up his hand. “Wait. I just want to double check. These clothes, really?”

The general glanced at the technician. She nodded rapidly. “We take our research very seriously!”

“Fine.” Peter sighed, and led the others into the module.

“Well,” said the general. “Back they go, all the way to 1973.” He blinked at the display. “What does B.C. mean?”  

The technician shrugged. “No idea, sir.”

She turned the dial, and the module disappeared in a flash of light and smoke.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Brandon Mills versus the V-Card

In exciting news, JA Rock and I have signed a contract with Loose Id for our Mark Cooper versus America sequel – Brandon Mills versus the V-Card. Not our original title, as you guys know, but we like it!

Brandon is Mark Cooper’s best friend, but they couldn’t be more different. Mark is reckless, loud, and would rather stab himself in the eye with a pen than actually do any work, while Brandon is quiet, sensible, and studious. He also feels sick at the idea of intimacy. Even a simple hug takes him to a place he doesn’t want to go.   

Because of this, Brandon Mills has a different feel to Mark Cooper. Mark Cooper was about two guys—both out and proud—negotiating a burgeoning relationship while also figuring out their kinks, Brandon Mills is about two guys who are both completely inexperienced. One of them, Alex, is desperate to lose his virginity now he’s at college, while Brandon, who has almost convinced himself he has no interest in sex, is terrified of his attraction to Alex.

For Alex, it’s love at first sight. Brandon is cute, and smart, and he has a plastic dinosaur on his desk. It’s clearly meant to be.

Alex may just be the cutest character JA and I have ever written, by the way. He’s incredibly smart, a little nerdy, clumsy, and what he lacks in experience he makes up for in enthusiasm. Awkward bus BJ, anyone?

And don’t worry. Mark and Deacon are still in this book. Deacon’s being as supportive and caring as always, and Mark’s being Mark. Our favourite football player Blake is back as well, and this time he’s on a mission. A completely misconstrued mission.

We don’t have a release date yet for Brandon Mills versus the V-Card, but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know!