Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Elf Defence is out tomorrow!


Elf Defence is out tomorrow. Or the next day if you're in the US, because timezones are a thing that exist. But it's out on the 22nd of October, whenever that happens for you. 

If you enjoyed the raging stupidity of Red Heir, then you'll be pleased to know that Sarah and I didn't hold back at all when it came to writing Elf Defence! There are elves, gingerbread, a hot cowherd in lederhosen, an even hotter lady blacksmith, guards, trolls, a monster, a missing cow, an angry goose, and as many references to The Sound of Music as we could put in without getting sued. 

Elf Defence is available to buy here:

Royal envoys Calarian and Benji embark on a quest in the alpine duchy of Tournel. Things go rapidly downhill when the duke plummets to his death from the tower wall. Whoops—that's going to be hard to explain. And it’s not as though they can just grab the nearest human and make him the new duke. 

Or can they? 

Enter one Lars Melker, a slightly gullible cowherd built entirely of muscles and sunshine, who happily accepts their word when they tell him he’s the duke now.

Soon Calarian and Benji are knee deep in teaching Lars how to fake it until he makes it. They're also dealing with mountain trolls, a monster, a missing cow, and, most shocking of all, a growing realisation that their elves-with-benefits arrangement might be turning into something with feelings. 

Add in their mutual attraction to Lars, and suddenly the hills are alive with the sound of emotionally compromised collectivist anarchist elves.

Also, what’s the deal with those leather shorts?