Monday, December 31, 2012

See ya, 2012!

Okay, so you know how at the end of the year you’re supposed to stop and take stock and all that sort of thing? That’s for organised people, not me. Or people who know where their priorities should be.  “You know,” I said the other day at work, “I wish they sold bread at the liquor store so I didn’t have to stop at both places.”

(Except, IRL, I didn't say "liquor store". I said "bottle shop". But I've made the mistake before of telling an American about a bottle shop: 

"You mean a shop that sells, like, bottles?" 
"Yeah. With alcohol in them."
"Oh, a liquor store." 
"What did you think I meant?" 
"I really had no idea."

So for the purposes of clarity, which this explanation then ruined, I called it a liquor store in my anecdote.)

Where was I? Oh, right. 

The Island has been nominated in six categories for the Goodreads M/M Romance Member Choice Awards. How awesome is that? (Rhetorical question — it’s totally awesome!) Here are the six categories:

Beat Tear-Jerker
Law Enforcement/PI/Firemen/Military
Best Overall Book of 2012

And, you guys, you have to head over to the New Year’s Kisses Party, hosted by Kay Berrisford and Tara Lain. It is so much fun, and you can win so much stuff! Like a gazillion books. And a gift card you can use to buy even more books!

Happy New Year, everyone! See you in 2013! 


J.A. Rock said...

There was a time bottle shop might have given me pause, but after fairy floss I feel like there's no Aussieism I can't handle.

Happy 2013, and congrats on your noms!

Lisa said...

Yes, we Australians are a strange people...

Congrats on your noms as well :)