Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A new blog design...

The difficulty in so many great free blog designs available, is that I don't know which one to choose! I've settled on these lovely roses for now, but I will very probably change my mind in a few weeks. 

In exciting news, I am about to start working with my lovely editor on my next book. I'll let you know the details soon. It's difficult to explain -- in some ways it has a darker psychological tone than Tribute, but the sexual relationship is more vanilla. It also has a modern setting this time. It's m/m again. I do love m/m pairings! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Henry,
I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoyed Tribute. My name is Amaranth Eden and I left a review of your book on Goodreads. Now I'm not a professional reviewer by any means. I've decided to cut and paste my review here because I want you to know I am a BIG fan now. I had no idea you're writing another book. *excited*

Oh my gosh, where to begin...okay, firstly I EFFING LOVED THIS BOOK!!! Secondly, thank you Bookaddict for recommending it! I read this in two sittings and the only reason I didn't finish it in one was because I had to go to sleep and then to work so I can make more money to buy more books. I don't even know how to review this because there was just so damn much about it that I loved. Lisa Henry has a huge gift for writing. Her story just flowed and I never felt like it dragged and I fell so hard for Kynon! It didn't take too long before Brasius wormed his way into my heart as well. There were times when I didn't understand his behavior towards Kynon, but then suddenly, wow, it was explained and it made so much sense, at least to me. I don't understand where some readers (and I totally respect their opinions so don't take this wrong) felt that this was porn. I just never got that. And I also never felt that Kynon suffered abuse for abuse sake. There were reasons for everything, I just wish poor Kynon hadn't had to feel torn between Hera expectations of what a Tribute should be and the role Brasius expected him to fulfill. The poor guy was confused as hell and there were several times that I literally cried with him. I have to recommend this book to anyone who enjoys BDSM with a healthy dose of romance and angst. Now I want Lisa Henry to write more books so I can read them, because if she can write more stories with the emotion and depth she gave me in this one, I will be a fan for life!

Okay, that's it. Can't wait for the next one!

Lisa said...

Hi Amaranth. What a lovely name, BTW!

I'm glad you liked Tribute, and thank you so much for posting such a great review on Goodreads. It's always nice to hear back from people who enjoyed my book. I hope you will like the next one as well.

I laughed when you said you had to read Tribute in two sitting because you had to go to sleep. I'm the same with books, and I hate it when the real world intrudes.

Thanks again!