Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Thing: Texts from Jackson

Welcome back to The Thing, where J.A. Rock and I give away a copy of Mark Cooper versus America (available January 28) to one astute reader who keeps abreast of all the Prescott College related stuff we post on our blogs and answers a tricky question on January 24. You can find details here. We'll be posting texts between the characters, excerpts from Prescott's student newspaper, characters' homework assignments and more!

Today it's more from Jackson, Mark's step-cousin and member of Alpha Delta. First up is a text he sends Bengal, the Alpha Delta pledge trainer and, I think we've already established, a dick: 

And here is a group text. It's a hazard of living in the Alpha Delta fraternity house. 

You guys, check out J.A. Rock's blog for more texts and fun stuff, and remember to check back here between now and the 24th, since we'll be introducing more characters from Mark Cooper versus America.


  1. Lol, I love the utility closet text!!

    1. Surprise! We were one text short for Jackson so I improvised. :)


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