Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Audio titles - coming in 2020

I'm super excited to announce that today I signed a contract with Tantor Media, meaning that in 2020, Anhaga will be coming out in audio. 

And that's not all! I hope fans of the Dark Space series are as happy as I am when I tell you that Brady and Cam are coming to audio as well! 

Thank you to everyone over the past few years who asked about getting Dark Space into audio. This was a huge step into the unknown for me as all these titles are now self-published, but you gave me the boost to get out there and find out if there was a way to make it happen. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

You can now find my back catalogue on KU

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2020. 

I figure sometime around June I'll stop calling it 2019 and finally catch up. 

For all my old readers out there, and hopefully for some new ones, I just wanted to let you know that you can find my back catalogue on Kindle Unlimited as of this month. This isn't a decision I undertook lightly. I hate Amazon's business practices of strangling all the competition, but this is a decision I could no longer put off for financial reasons. 

I hope that doing this will enable me to keep writing and publishing books that my readers enjoy. 

I have a few new releases coming out soon from a publisher that of course won't be available on KU, and should go wife, but my back catalogue will remain on KU for the foreseeable future. 

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone is having a great start to 2020, and that we all have a fantastic year. 

I have a few things planned for this year: I have two books coming out early in the year from JMS Books, co-written with the amazing Tia Fielding. I can't wait to share more info about them! Our first is an age gap romance with a lot of angst, and a lot of feels to make up for it! I'm also working on the next Playing the Fool book with J.A. Rock, so get ready for some more Henry and Mac. In addition to that, I'm working on a WIP called The Parable of the Mustard Seed, set in Brisbane, about a police officer and the boy, now a young man, he rescued from a cult nine years ago. And if that's not enough to be working on, I'm also going to be starting a modern (and dark!) retelling of The Emperor's New Clothes. One word: voyeurism! So that's probably enough on my plate for now, right? All those other plot bunnies can shush up for a month or two in the meantime. 

Also, 2020 is the year that I'm going to be moving my self-published works to KU. Make no mistake, I hate KU and I hate the Amazon model that basically sucks the life out of every other marketplace, but unfortunately I'm not in the position where I can ignore the financial benefits of KU any longer. If I want to keep writing, and I do, then I think that KU is the best way forward for me. 

In other news, I've finally started a Facebook reader group, and I'd love it if you joined me in Lisa Henry's Hangout

I'll be doing regular giveaways there, as well as sharing snippets from WIPS, and creating some polls so you guys can tell me what I should be working on next, and what you'd like to see in my next book! Not gonna lie, there will also be lots of pictures of my cats. So come along and join the fun! 

Happy 2020, everyone! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

New Release Roundup!

So this is what it feels like to have a productive few weeks... huh. Clearly I should hold onto this, since it will probably never happen again! 

So, in exciting news, Starlight (Dark Space 3) is up for preorder here on Amazon, with other sites to follow in the next few days. It will be out on December 1. 

Brady Garrett is back in space, this time as an unwilling member of a team of humans seeking to study the alien Faceless and their technology. It’s not the first time Brady’s life has been in the hands of the Faceless leader Kai-Ren, and if there’s one thing Brady hates it’s being reminded exactly how powerless he is. Although dealing with the enigmatic Faceless might actually be easier than trying to figure out where he stands with the other humans on board, particularly when one of them is his boyfriend’s ex. 

Cameron Rushton loved the starlight once, but being back on board the Faceless ship forces him to confront the memories of the time he was captured by Kai-Ren, and exactly how much of what was done to him that he can no longer rationalize away. Cam is used to being Brady’s rock, but this time it might be him who needs Brady’s support.  

This time Brady is surrounded by the people he loves most in the universe, but that only means their lives are in danger too. And when Kai-Ren’s fascination with humanity threatens the foundations of Faceless society, Brady and Cam and the rest of the team find themselves thrust into a battle that humans have very little hope of winning, let alone surviving. 

It has been super fun to get back into Brady's POV after all this time, and discover just how much I missed that bad-tempered little ball of angst and angry outbursts! I hope that you guys have missed him too!

In other news, I now have the rights back for Anhaga and it's available now in ebook through all major retailers, and paperback through Amazon

And Dauntless, my fun little cozy mystery very much inspired by Norfolk Island, is out at all major retailers, and the paperback will be available through Amazon within the next day or so. 

So it's been a productive few weeks, and for once I have something to show for it! 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Obligatory writing update post:

It has been so long since I actually did anything, let alone told anyone what I was doing, but here's the news! 
Firstly, I've asked Dreamspinner for the rights to Anhaga back. So I'm in the process of that happening, which means that there may be a period when it's unavailable, but I'm going to get it back out again as soon as I can. 
In the meantime, I hope to have a cosy mystery novella to share with you soon, called Dauntless. There's an island, two guys, an old shipwreck, a lost diary,a Labrador who bounces a lot, and (insert suspenseful music here) MURDER... Despite the murder, it's a cute little story, and I'm hoping to have it out some time very soon! 
And in news that I hope nobody was holding their breaths for, because you all would have asphyxiated by now, the third and final book in the Dark Space trilogy will be out soon! Fans of Brady will be pleased to know he's just as much an intractable shit as always The book is called Starlight, and I have it slated for a December release at this stage! I'm super excited to finally have some news to share on that front!