Monday, January 20, 2014

The Thing - Introducing Brandon

Welcome back to The Thing, where J.A. Rock and I give away a copy of Mark Cooper versus America (available January 28) to one astute reader who keeps abreast of all the Prescott College related stuff we post on our blogs and answers a tricky question on January 24. You can find details here. We'll be posting texts between the characters, excerpts from Prescott's student newspaper, characters' homework assignments and more!

Today we're introducing Brandon, an earnest, naive and incredibly smart freshman who becomes friends with crazy irresponsible Mark. And for some reason it works. 

Student Snapshot - by Simon d’Angelo, Sophomore Staff Reporter.
This week’s Student Snapshot is Brandon Mills. Brandon is a Freshman. He hopes to graduate with a BA in Economics. I asked Brandon why he chose Prescott.
Sd’A: Are you from Pennsylvania?
BM: No, I’m from Michigan.
Sd’A: So what made you chose to come to Prescott?
BM: Prescott has a great program. Over ninety percent of graduates of the business school go on to work in their chosen field. Also, it’s nice here. Some of the other places I checked out had dorms that were kind of crowded, or gross.
Sd’A: Why Economics? Isn’t it Economists who got us into the whole GFC mess?
BM: Well, that’s exactly why Economics is interesting right now. There are obviously major flaws in the prevailing Economic theory, and the way that it was applied leading up to the GFC.
Sd’A: How do you Prescott so far?  
BM: Everyone seems really nice. I can’t wait for classes to start.
Sd’A: It looks like you’ve picked up a few flyers from some of the fraternities. Are you thinking of rushing?
BM: Yeah. There are a lot of different fraternities to choose from, so I’m going to go to some of the mixers and check them out.
Sd’A: What are your reasons for wanting to join a fraternity? There are plenty of other social or academic groups you could join at Prescott.
BM: I think it’s nice to have a sense of tradition. Plus, the bonds you make in a fraternity last your whole life. That’s what my dad says. I think it’s a really cool idea.
Sd’A: Well, good luck with everything, Brandon, and welcome to Prescott.

And here, in this text to Brandon, Mark is too lazy to use Google. 

You guys, check out J.A. Rock's blog for more texts and fun stuff, and remember to check back here between now and the 24th, since we'll be introducing more characters from Mark Cooper versus America.

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