Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Thing - Meet Bengal

Welcome back to The Thing, where J.A. Rock and I give away a copy of Mark Cooper versus America (available January 28) to one astute reader who keeps abreast of all the Prescott College related stuff we post on our blogs and answers a tricky question on January 24. You can find details here. We'll be posting texts between the characters, excerpts from Prescott's student newspaper, characters' homework assignments and more!

Today it's time to meet Bengal, proud member of Alpha Delta and the guy in charge of this year's pledges. Take it away, Simon. 

Student Snapshot - by Simon d’Angelo, Sophomore Staff Reporter.
This week’s featured student is Rob Stowe. If you’re a fan of Greek Life, you probably know him as Bengal, member of Alpha Delta Phi and this year’s pledge trainer. I asked him to describe to me what he thinks is the best thing about fraternity life, and why he thinks such an archaic institution is still relevant at today’s Prescott.
RS: It’s all about the word. “Fraternity”. It means brotherhood. A lot of people don’t get that. For most people, moving away to college is the first time they’re living away from their family. So that’s what a fraternity is. Your new family.
Sd’A: As the pledge trainer of Alpha Delta Phi, where do you stand on hazing?
RS: We don’t haze. We have group bonding exercises instead.
Sd’A: Like what?
RS: Like nature walks, and um, trust falls and stuff.
Sd’A: You don’t sound too sure.
RS: Well it’s supposed to be a secret, dude. I mean, I don’t want any potential pledges finding out what happens by reading the school paper. I mean, if anyone still reads the school paper, you know. You guys should have a Facebook group or something instead. Or Twitter.
Sd’A: Alpha Delta Phi has a reputation as a party house. Is that something that you’re proud of?
RS: We’ve been known to party hard, sure, but so does every house on Fraternity Row. If the worst thing you can say of us is that we party
Sd’A: Well, that’s not the worst thing anyone’s said of you, is it?
RS: Hold on. Are you the same kid who wrote those stories about us last year? “Frat’s enough!” or something?
Sd’A: “Frat’s Enough! The dark world of college hazing” and “Banned of Brothers: why abolishing Greek life would be the best thing for Prescott”.
RS: Dude, good luck winning the Pulitzer with those titles.


And here Bengal strikes out with the ladies.

You guys, check out J.A. Rock's blog for more texts and fun stuff, and remember to check back here between now and the 24th, since we'll be introducing more characters from Mark Cooper versus America.

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