Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Good Boy Release Day; or, What Time Is It In America?

I know. What sort of person am I that I haven't even got a post prepared for the release day of The Good Boy

Well, release days are always a bit weird for me. I blame the International Date Line. Because the 26th of March rolled around ages ago for me, and NOTHING HAPPENED. Because when it's the 26th of March where I am, it's the 25th where my publisher is. Damn Americans, living in the past. Literally. 

But whatever the time is there now, The Good Boy is already available direct at Loose Id and I presume other outlets won't be too far behind. 

And also, sometime later today (or yesterday, or at some point on the space-time continuum) JA Rock and I will be over at Joyfully Jay talking about puppy play, the actual dogs we've loved (purely platonically), and giving away a copy of The Good Boy


  1. Lol! I like to think that everything just happens in the Future for you. So yesterday, while I was still waiting for the book to release, it had already been out for a day in your realm. But apparently this is not how the IDL works.

  2. Yours and J.A.'s teased made me excited about reading it. I was not deceit!

  3. Thanks MC! I'm glad you liked it :)


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