Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Non-Writing Week

I'm spending the week in Brisbane for a family wedding. I brought my laptop with me, telling myself that of course I'd get writing done. Of course I would. Unfortunately I overlooked the fact that I would be sharing a motel room with my 9 year old nephew. 

"Aunty Lisa, are you playing Plants Vs Zombies?" 

"No. I'm writing." 

"Do you write proper books?" 


"Why can't I read them?" 

"They're for grown-ups. You can read one when you're eighteen." 

"Aunty Lisa, can I just sit beside you while you write?" 


"Is that a rude word? Did you write the f-word there? I'm telling Nana!" 

And so much for getting any writing done this week... 

Meanwhile, The Good Boy has been really well-received so far. It's always a strange thing to put a book out there, because you never know it people are going to love it, hate it, or -- worse -- ignore it. So to everyone who's bought a copy, thanks so much! You guys rock! 

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