Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm on Twitter

I have finally got organised enough to set up a Twitter account. 
If you're on Twitter, come and say hello! 

My user name is @LisaHenryOnline

You can also click on the button on the right, which will take you right there. 

So far I'm still finding my way, and, like the new kid at school, I'm not feeling very talkative yet. I'm sure that will change! 


J.A. Rock said...

Ahhhh tweeting! Same here, just started on Twitter. Scared the cool kids are gonna take my lunch money.

Lisa said...

I know, JA! We'll sit on the bus together and be best friends so the cool kids don't pick on us!

J.A. Rock said...

We should also probably start a club no one else is invited to join and make up a secret language.

We are so gonna get wedgied.