Friday, March 9, 2012

Thanks for sitting beside me in class

Sometimes, it’s scary being a writer. A part of you is always that same little kid standing in front of the teacher’s desk while she frowns down at the story you wrote, and then reaches for the red marker.

And afterwards when you head back to your desk and all you can see are those red marks, your friend will lean over and make a face and say, “I liked the part where the dragon ate the prince.”  

So every time someone comments on my blog or sends me an email or a message on Twitter, or leaves a review somewhere, it feels like that friend is still sitting beside me, and she's always ready for a new story.  

So thanks to everyone who took the time!

My mission for today: to pay it forward. And that’s probably a good mission for tomorrow and the next day as well. 


  1. Well said. It's scary, writing in the void. We want to feel we're connecting with people through this solitary endeavor, and sometimes all we're aware of is what we think we're doing wrong. But there are always friends beside us excited for the next story. So keep 'em coming!

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