Sunday, August 4, 2013

Uh oh, it's the po-po. Also, Domestic Discipline week!

So, for those of you who don't know, I work in a police station. 

And I like my job a lot. I used to work in a bank once, and, apart from the hours spent fantasising about armed hold ups (you get to go home early!!!!), I really hated that job. I can remember waking up every Monday morning and thinking, "Oh, no, not again..." 

But now I like my day job. It's not really a day job though. It's sometimes an afternoon job, and very often a night job. And I even like the shift work. Bored? Hell no, I'm too tired to be bored! 

I also like it because it's one of the few jobs in the world where "the customer is always right" does not apply. Because most often the customer is drunk, drug-fucked, delusional, or a heady combination of all three. And that's okay. It's better than okay, it's interesting

Also, once I accidentally handcuffed myself to a chair. 

"Can I have a go with your handcuffs?" I asked one of the guys. 

Five minutes later as he uncuffed me, he said, "Well, at least you didn't ask for the taser." 

"I know, right?" 

Anyway, the best thing about my job is that on nightwork when it's quiet, I can pull my laptop out and write. Which is what I did last night. Usually I can get a fair amount of work done, but last night I kind of stalled. Because it was a sex scene. And I got paranoid that the sergeant sitting next to me would read over my shoulder. 

"What are you writing?" he might have said. 

"Oh, a fun blowjob scene. With tinsel." 

So I hung around on Goodreads instead. And today JA Rock finished the blowjob scene. 

Oh yeah, did I mention we're writing another sequel to The Good Boy

I should probably have mentioned that. It's contains Christmas decorations, some soul searching, and a lot more Mr. Zimmerman. 

Also, you guys should head over to JA's blog, where this week it's not just Shark Week, it's Domestic Discipline Week. There are heaps of interviews from heaps of great writers, and giveaways as well! I'm over there on the 10th, where I'm talking a bit about my first encounters with DD, and giving away a book from my back catalogue. See you there! 


  1. Ooooooh goodie. More Lisa Henry books :-)

    (Don't suppose Brady and Cam are bitching in the background somewhere... Close...:-). I've just reread dark space.... Only been twice this month.... I'm on a dark space diet.)

    1. I'm glad you liked it, Natasha! And yeah, as soon as Brady shuts up with his snarkiness and actually gives me a chance to think up a plot, I'll start on a sequel for the boys. :)


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