Sunday, July 7, 2013


Melbourne is so pretty. Even in winter. It's cold, but no too cold. The only penguins I've seen were behind glass at the aquarium, not swimming up the Yarra, so it's not too bad. Mind you, I'm from the tropics, so I start to panic if I have to put socks on. 

And now I'm up to the part of the holiday I've (not so secretly) been looking forward to. My family, Travel Group One, had headed home because of work and school and suchlike, and I have two days before my mad drunken friends, Travel Group Two, arrive. 

So it's time to buy some nice wine, put on some music, and get some writing done. 

And, oh yeah, that novel set in Melbourne in the 1920s...that plot bunny is back, and it's refusing to be ignored. 

Source: Travel Victoria
Because hot boys. Because of the fashion. Because Melbourne Gaol. Because The Windsor Hotel. Because Chinatown. Because opium dens and the White Australia policy and racism. Because I haven't written anything with a clash of cultures before. Because historical.

But mostly the hot boys. 


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