Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Holiday Success

I am home. 

My feet hurt. 

I have consumed more cider in the past week than is medically recommended.

Also, wine. 

I saw penguins. And meerkats. AND A LION! 

I now want penguins. And meerkats. And a lion. 

My dog is snoring on my floor. My cats are refusing to speak to me. 

So, you're back. I loathe you. Now feed me. 

My dining room table is full of stuff I've unpacked from my suitcase, but not got any further. 

Did I really need to buy that many books? Yes. 

Did I really need to buy that many random things? Apparently. 

I am back to the day job tomorrow. 

I am also back to writing and editing. Yay! 

Holiday: success! 


  1. Replies
    1. I tell you, if I could have seen an otter as well, I would have hit the trifecta. Penguins, meerkats and otters. They are the best.


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