Friday, April 19, 2013

Menages were my gateway drug...

Why m/m? Well, why not? 

When my co-workers first found out I was writing smut, sorry, erotica, the assumption was that it would be boy/girl stuff. And I let them keep that assumption for a while, until the sneaky bastards tracked down my books online. *Waves to cheeky bastards* 

Well, needless to say the list of co-workers wanting to read my books diminished quite quickly. Apparently the straight guys just really aren't too keen to read about what publishers and sellers refer to as "male/male sexual practices" and I refer to as "fucking awesome". On the plus side, I've picked up some very keen fans in the workplace, both guys and girls, who love a bit of boy-on-boy action. And who wouldn't? 

To honest, I haven't been writing m/m romance for long. 

The first romance I attempted was way back in high school. It was terrible. It was also m/f. It's probably still lying at the bottom of a cupboard somewhere. Hopefully not still at my mum's house, because we've had enough awkward talks, thanks. 

I don't remember the first m/m book I read. 

The first m/m scene I read was in a book with an m/m/f menage. And m/m/f menages are like a gateway drug. Pretty soon I was like, "You know what would make this scene even hotter? If they got that girl out of the middle." 

So I read one without the girl. Boom. I was hooked. 

I like reading and writing m/m because I am a fundamentally shallow person who can only do basic mathematics. Here is an example of my basic mathematics: 

1 x hot guy = hot. 
2 x hot guys = double hot. 

This doesn't work ad infinitum, of course. I tend to get lost on who is who and what's being put where once the number of participants get past about three. Which is why I've never written a threesome. Dammit, Jim, I'm a writer, not a choreographer!

So that's the why of why I chose m/m. 

If we want to get into why I'm such a fan of dub-con, non-con, more angst that you could throw at a French philosopher, emotional baggage that would sink the Bismarck, and just good old-fashioned fucked-up characters, I think we're gonna need a longer post. 

Much longer. 


  1. So, when did you start writing mm? And was there anything between the m/f at the bottom of the closet and Tribute?

    1. Hi A.B! I started writing m/m with Tribute. So, that went well, it turns out...

      At the time I was actually trying to write historical mysteries, not romance, and certainly not erotica. But I was reading a lot of it! So much, that after a few rejections in the other genre, I thought I'd give m/m a shot. And, luckily, Loose Id liked it! I haven't picked up that historical mystery since, but I may go back to it one day. :)


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