Sunday, April 14, 2013

Holy Crap.

You know how sometimes you just take a good idea and run with it? 

Well, the good idea was JA Rock's, but we both ran with it. 

So, did we stop to catch our breath after The Good Boy? Hell, no, because of JA's new IDEA. A sparkly (well, actually quite dark) new idea, and suddenly we were Googling the penalties for involuntary manslaughter, drug addiction, night terrors, and self-bondage techniques. 

I may need one of these: 

JA and I wrote just over 100 000 words in less than a month. Eat your heart, people who are known for writing really fast. 

We're not done yet with Under, not by a long shot. 

But if you've been hankering for an m/m story where a cop and a convicted killer get together in a small South Carolina town, where old grudges and prejudices threaten to ruin whatever this thing is they've got going, and an MC who just might destroy himself before the town does it for him, then watch this space! 

Update 24 August 2013: Under is now called When All The World Sleeps, and will be coming in 2014 from Riptide! 

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