Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who wants to win a Nook?

If you pre-order Riptide's Warriors of Rome series (and you've got up until November 26 to do it) you can win a Nook! 

Check out Riptide's Warriors of Rome Series here, and the contest guidelines here

Guys, I seriously cannot wait for Warriors of Rome. Because okay, I've read mine a gazillion times, but how awesome do the others look? That's a rhetorical question, because they look totally awesome. 

Gladiators, senators, slaves and civil strife...Ancient Rome has it all. And nobody plays nice. November is going to be fun. 

And have I teased you enough with He is Worthy yet? Because I kind of want to do it again. 

Rome, 68 A.D. Novius Senna is one of the most feared men in Rome. He’s part of the emperor’s inner circle at a time when being Nero’s friend is almost as dangerous as being his enemy. Senna knows that better men than he have been sacrificed to Nero’s madness—he’s the one who tells them to fall on their swords. He hates what he’s become to keep his family safe. He hates Nero more.
Aenor is a newly-enslaved Bructeri trader, brutalized and humiliated for Nero’s entertainment. He’s homesick and frightened, but not entirely cowed. He’s also exactly what Senna has been looking for: a slave strong enough to help him assassinate Nero.
It’s suicide, but it’s worth it. Senna yearns to rid Rome of a tyrant, and nothing short of death will bring him peace for his crimes. Aenor hungers for revenge, and dying is his only escape from Rome’s tyranny. They have nothing left to lose, except the one thing they never expected to find—each other.

Bring it on, November! 


Rosemary said...

Greetings! I have already pre-ordered your book...does that mean I have an entry?

I really can't wait for this. I wants it, preciousssss....

Lisa said...

Hi Rosemary! It sure does!

And I hope you enjoy He Is Worthy.