Friday, October 19, 2012

I am losing at Song Pop

My friends have figured out my weakness. And I don't mean the chocolate one. Or the alcohol one. I meant the Song Pop one. I was totally killing everyone, even blustering my way through Modern Rap, before they all figured out my weakness: Love Songs. 

I don't do Love Songs. 

Here are some of my playlist names on iTunes: 

Songs to Slash Your Wrists To. 
Sexually Ambiguous Songs. 
Angry Bitches. 
Bad Romances and Break Ups. 
Say My Name Bitch. 
I Kill You. 

On that note, here is I Was Alive, by The Whitlams. Cool song, weird clip. 

Have you got a favourite anti-love song? 

Or what are you listening to this week? 

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