Sunday, September 23, 2012

I am not computer support, Nate

Guys, really. The ability to use a computer does not make me the person to come to when you want advice on which laptop you should buy. Hence this text conversation with my friend Nate: 

Nate: What brand laptop u got? 

Me: A compaq. 

Nate: Am buying one now. Which one u like? (With two pictures) 

Me: The first one. 

Nate: Y?

Me: First one is prettier. 

Nate: I want manly. 

Me: We all want manly. Whats ur point? 

Nate: Don't want a pretty laptop. 

Me: What if we call it metrosexual? 

Nate: Hmmm metro, I like that. 

Me: It could totally work. 

Nate: I'll get that one. 

And now I am super jealous because Nate's laptop is prettier than mine. 
Sorry, more metrosexual than mine. 

Nate's laptop: 


My laptop: 

I want a new laptop. 


J.A. Rock said...

I would just like to point out that Nate's laptop doesn't have an awesome sleeve tattoo. Or that (insert adjective here)...hat.

I think my laptop is a diseased hobo.

Lisa said...

It's the wedding band tattoo that impressed me. I'm not a fan of the hat. I think it takes away some of the impact of the mullet.

But he's certainly an attractive specimen.