Monday, November 11, 2013

How awesome is my mum? Rhetorical question.

So my mum hasn't actually read any of my books. Mostly because I won't let her. This one time, when I was about sixteen, she found this thing that I wrote, that may or may not have been an early attempt at m/m dub con, and I don't ever want to have that conversation ever again, thanks. 


I told  mum that I was writing a sequel to the as yet unreleased Sweetwater, and she made all the usual noises of encouragement, and then asked me if I'd got a plumber in yet to fix that leaking tap. God, no, okay? Can we just talk about me, please? 

I mentioned that the sequel will be from the POV of the cowboy, and this would mean a lot of research since the actual day-to-day activities of cowboys in Wyoming in 1870 are very much a mystery to me. A few days later, this turned up in my house: 

How awesome is my mum? 

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