Wednesday, October 9, 2013

News...and s'mores

Okay. So time for some news!

Firstly, the awesome Heidi Belleau and I have signed a contract with Riptide for our m/m novel set in post-apocalyptic Dublin. It's called King of Dublin, and it's heavy on the violence and the non-con. Why is it that the most violent and depraved things are also the most fun to write? 

King of Dublin is about Darragh, who journeys from his home village in Cork to Dublin, and gets tangled up in the gangland wars and power struggles of the self-proclaimed King of Dublin, and with the king's pet slave, Ciaran. Hilarity ensures. No, wait, I don't mean hilarity. I mean bloodshed and trauma. 

In other news, Dark Space will be coming out in print soon from Loose Id! Yay! I'm always so happy when trees die on my behalf. 

And in other, other news, if any of you guys are on Twitter and have been following J.A. Rock and me, you might have noticed our fairly aggressive fights about spelling, bears, and confectionary. This is because in Mark Cooper Versus America, our hero Mark is constantly banging his head against the wall of cultural misunderstandings. 

Well, in the course of writing Mark Cooper Versus America, I might have thrown in a line about having to try everything once...even s'mores. And then I confessed to J.A. that I had no idea what s'mores actually were. And the more she tried to explain, the more confused I got. WHAT THE HELL IS A GRAHAM CRACKER? 

Last night I got home from work to find a parcel waiting for me. It contains: 

1. marshmallows
2. chocolate 
3. crackers 
4. a book about avoiding bear attacks 

...and handwritten (and illustrated) instructions on how to make s'mores. 

Guess what I'm doing this weekend? 


  1. Congratulations on your introduction into the world of s'mores! If you were a girl scout in the U.S., you'd have experienced these already on a camp out. I'm not the biggest fan of these treats (prefer my toasted marshmallows and chocolate separately), but everyone should try them at least once. I love J.A.'s illustrated guide--what a friend!

    1. Thanks, Nona! I must post the entire instructions, because they are brilliant!

  2. Cultural exchange is a beautiful thing when it involves food. And I think we've been slightly more civil to each other since chocolate came into the picture.

    Also I need The King of Dublin!!! Bloodshed and trauma!! Can I please have it now because I gave you food?


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