Sunday, May 5, 2013

Boys in lingerie...what's not to love?

Well, here's a topic causing some consternation for some readers of the Courier Mail today: lingerie designed specifically for men. 

But really, what's the big deal? It never fails to amaze me that some people get so offended by what other people are wearing... or sleeping with, or wanting to marry... Haven't we all got more important things to worry about? 

Source: The Courier Mail

Seriously, if a man in lingerie offends you, don't date one. I think it's fun, sexy, and a little bit naughty...which is exactly what men have been getting out of women in lingerie for decades, right? Turnabout is fair play. 

Meanwhile, I hope that HommeMystere does very well. And yes, they ship from Australia to overseas. You should totally check out their site. 

And I wonder what my BF would say if he unwrapped this for his birthday: 

Source: HommeMystere


  1. Delicious! I'd be turned on --zero to ninety!-- if a man wore lingerie for me or for his own sensational delight. Now that is a man who is not threatened by embracing femininity and masculinity. "Masculinity is not about having a penis, nor is femininity about having a vagina."

    I remember reading a story about a husband who asked his wife to bring him a change of clothes to work. Thinking she'd tease him a bit, she brought pair of her panties. Guess what? After the humiliating embarrassment, he was so aroused (or maybe that was during the humiliating embarrassment ), his sex life with his wife was revived! And he ended up wearing lingerie all the time because it felt so damn smoooooth!

    1. I know, right? Just something about it that works for me as well. :)


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