Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A roundup, an interview, and a blurb!

Today I am not here. 

Today I am over at Speak Its Name, where I am talking about He Is Worthy, historical research, and a crack special ops team including two of my favourite Jameses: Bond and Moriarty. 

You might also find a (very unedited) excerpt from a current WIP,  tentatively called Sweetwater

Meanwhile, the awesome JA Rock and I are getting stuck into line edits of The Good Boy

Contents may include: 

The Good Boy is starting to feel a lot like a real book. It's got a blurb and everything: 

Introverted college student Lane Moredock is in a bad place. His mother has been arrested for securities fraud, his father is on the run, and everyone, including the SEC, suspects Lane knows where the missing millions are. Lane, with no money and nowhere to live, makes a desperate deal that lands him in trouble and leaves him unwilling to trust a so-called Dom again.

Photographer Derek Fields lost money to the Moredocks, and is as sure as anyone that Lane is guilty despite his claims. A chance meeting with Lane shows him there might be something more to the young man than arrogance and privilege, and Derek wonders if Lane might be just what he’s been looking for: a sub with the potential to be a life partner.

As Lane slowly begins to open up to Derek and explore his needs as a submissive, the investigation closes tighter around him. Lane might be everything that Derek wants, but first Derek needs to trust that Lane is innocent—and Lane needs to trust Derek with the truth.

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