Friday, January 11, 2013

Things I did instead of writing...

Okay, so I have a very cool job with a very cool boss, and on night work if nothing else is happening, we can pretty much do whatever we want to stay awake. One of my colleagues draws. Another one makes quilts. And I get my laptop out and write. At least, that's the plan. Sometimes it doesn't exactly work out that way. 

So here is what I did last night instead of writing: 

I ate way too many Barbecue Shapes. 

I played Words with Friends. 

I watched The Love Boat and laughed at the fashions. I watched JAG and laughed at the 'sploshions. And then I watched Seventh Heaven and didn't laugh at all. I hate those people -- nobody is that wholesome! 

I played Chuzzle. 

I cleaned out my handbag. 


"Shouldn't you be writing?" a colleague asked me. 
"I'm researching," I lied. 
She came and looked over my shoulder. "You're researching Plants vs Zombies?" 

I exchanged random text messages with a friend who came up with some brilliant ideas for sex scenes involving cowboys. 

I exchanged pictures of cowboys in various states of undress, none of which were particularly historically accurate but all of which were highly interesting. 

I thought a lot about cowboys. 

But I didn't write about them. 

Oh well. There's always tonight, right? 


Nico Jaye said...

Hey...nothing wrong with cowboys. :) And Plants vs. Zombies is an awesome game!

My flowchart would look very similar, except there might be an added arrow after no that leads to "feel guilty for being lazy, so ask self...," which in turn leads back to "shouldn't you be doing something?" It's a neverending procrastination cycle. >__<

Lisa said...

Oh, I know all about the guilt! LOL! But then I tell myself, hey, if I wasn't in the mood to write it all would have been crap anyway, right?

And I am so addicted to Plants vs Zombies right now :)

J.A. Rock said...

Score! I also love to "research" at work. Sometimes I research new running shoes I--or a character--might like to wear. Sometimes I research what my friends are doing on Facebook. Sometimes I research "dogs in jackets," Sporcle, the Hawkeye Initiative, and pictures of male swimmers.

When I'm not doing any of that, I'm writing.

And if I'm not writing, there's a very slim possibility I'm actually doing my job. Very slim.

Lisa said...

Pictures of male swimmers...oh yes, please! I would totally write a book about male swimmers or divers if I could actually be bothered to research their sports!