Sunday, August 5, 2012

History Nerd

Today I'm outing myself as a total history nerd. And why not? What is history except the biggest library of stories you could ever imagine? Want intrigue? Romance? Adventure? Want danger and death defying stunts? Want comedy or tragedy, or both? History has it all. 

Ancient history has always been my favourite. Roman history, in particular.  If ever a submissions call was written for me, it was Riptide's Warriors of Rome. And that's how He is Worthy was born. Hot guys, check. Ancient Rome, hell to the yes. 

My sister and I have an ongoing argument about this. We're both history majors. She thinks Victorian England is the best: 

Ban Barnes as Dorian Gray
To which I offer this: 

James Purefoy as Mark Antony in Rome

And here he is having a bath: 

Despite my overwhelming evidence, my sister and I have agreed to disagree. Meanwhile, she said the other day, just imagine what you could do with revolutionary France. 

Jamie Dornan in Marie Antoinette
Oh god yes. 


  1. Mmm, yummm. I think everyone wins, as long as hot men are in period costume. But I would like to submit for consideration Jude Law as Bosie in WILDE, and Michael Fassbender in JANE EYRE. I found Fassbender attractive as the robot in PROMETHEUS too. And Jude Law was super hot as the robot in A.I. I might have a weird thing for men who look equally good in period costume and as robots.

    1. I loved WILDE! And Jude Law was just perfect. But Jude Law would be perfect if you dragged him backwards through a bush.


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