Saturday, April 21, 2012

Burberry and Byron

The other day when I was researching instead of writing (please note that researching involves no actual research, it's just a word that makes me feel better about wasting hours on the internet), I fixated on the idea of modern fashion with a Regency twist. This is what I found: 

This was from the Burberry 2010 / 2011 collection, and I've got to say, this works for me big time. The clothes are beautiful, the model is more beautiful, and there is a whole scruffy Byronic hero thing going on. 

Bad boys are great. 
Bad boys in cravats are better. 

I personally think you can't go wrong with hot guys in Regency fashion. What about you? What historical period presses your buttons? 


  1. I love that outfit. It likes it goes full circle the way it refers back to when Beau Brummell created the style of men's dress and grooming we're still familiar with now! Though Brummell wouldn't approve of looking so rumpled. :D

    1. Was it Beau Brummell who snubbed the Prince of Wales by refusing to turn his head to talk at the dinner table because it might spoil his cravat? No, Beau Brummell certainly wouldn't approve.

      I do, though!

  2. Any period with guys in breeches. And the me some of those suits.

    I've also always kind of had a thing for the Restoration. I wouldn't say men's Restoration era clothing gets me hot, but I will say it's impressive. So many props! I would be forever leaving my hat or walking stick or muff somewhere. And guys in heels? Shhhyeah.

    1. I know! Guys in heels works for me, but not so much the long curly wigs.

      And hell yes to the 1930's!


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